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Nova Scotia Summer

Wayne Carlon owns and operates Nova Scotia Summer. He spent most of his professional career working in sales, marketing and continuing health education. Although he plied his trade successfully in the Canadian marketing mecca that is Toronto, his heart has always been in the east, in Nova Scotia. Like so many transplanted Bluenosers – as Nova Scotians are often called – Wayne was always looking for an opportunity to come home.

In 1996, he came home to Nova Scotia for good. If a feeling of belonging is empowerment, then Wayne is empowered by where he lives.

Wayne loves the drama of tv streaming box that is the Atlantic Ocean, and that’s one reason why Nova Scotia is such an amazing destination. It’s easy for him to sell Nova Scotia, he says, because he loves the province’s rocky shoreline and the rich nautical history that plays such an important role in life here.

March 3, 2017 / Shepherd